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Orion Systems Provides Professional Service At Reasonable Pricing

We are dedicated to providing top notch service to our clients. Orion Systems Integration offers a service that addresses the challenges small and medium-size businesses have in maintaining a productive IT environment in today’s fully-connected world.

Managed Services

Preventative maintenance often gets placed at the bottom of to-do lists at many companies because problem solving and addressing urgent issues often takes prcedence over optimization. What some IT managers forget is that many of those current problems and issues could have been minimized or even avoided by taking a more proactive approach toward maintenance. That's where we come in. In response to these and other concerns our clients face, Orion has developed services to be a simple, secure, and affordable approach to keeping the information technology of SMBs working at its absolute best.


Cybersecurity plays a vital role in safeguarding systems, data, and privacy, ensuring business continuity, maintaining trust, complying with regulations, and defending against cyber threats. Investing in cybersecurity measures is essential for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole in our increasingly interconnected digital landscape.

Data Loss Prevention

We have all lost some data at some point in time. We know what that feels like and we, as techs, hate to tell a client the data is "gone". We take backups very seriously. We can always buy new equipment... we cannot recreate years of data. Our job is to find the solution that fits both your comfort level of data security and your budget. Data backup is not one size fits all. Let us find the best solution for your DATA.

IT Consulting

Business, across all markets—from a small business to an enterprise – needs flexible, cost-effective, and secure IT management. But when it comes to effective IT management, small and medium businesses (SMB) are among the most underserved, as their needs often demand a growing level of sophistication and complexity, while their resources and budgets remain constrained. As a result, SMBs are increasingly turning to trusted providers of proactive IT services to address their needs. We specialize in finding the solution that fits best for your needs.  Technology can be as complex and expensive as you want to make it but we have found it does not always have to be that way. Let us help you find your way through the technical jungle.

PC Repair

Bring in your PC for a fix that both fits your budget and gets the job done. Some of the "other guys" will fix a part of the issue but other aspects of the same issue are extra. We can handle every desktop and laptop situation you may come across. Even if a device is "dead" we will help you find a replacement that once again fits your budget and will perform the tasks you will require. We can help out with warranty products. Let us talk to the techs so we can get your parts replaced faster and with less frustration. Remember "We Make IT Our Responsiblity..."

virus cleanup

At this point we have all been infected with a Virus or a toolbar that we did not wish to install. We have perfected the art of virus removal with many years of practice... thanks to those who continue to send out ever complicated threats. Let us clean up your systems and keep them protected from future infections. Our Managed Services Program allows us to keep track of your product licensing so you no longer have to worry about what PC is protected and which is not. That is our job.


Oh yes and we DO clean up infected Mac's.


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